Wednesday, October 19, 2016

All Size Pallets, LLC buys and sells Gaylord Boxes in Detroit, MI

We also deal in buying and selling used Gaylord Boxes in Michigan. It goes hand in hand with the pallet industry. We will actually buy used Gaylord boxes from a customer or another vendor, whatever it may be, and we go through the process of repairing them or rebuilding them so they are sell-able to a new customer.  The pallet boxes are going to be structurally stable and sound. They can be used for many different purposes, whatever the application may be, whether it is a plastic injection molding company that wants to put their virgin plastic material in it, or you name it – whatever they want to store in there that is something that we do. We also donate a lot of these gaylord boxes to, for instance, to Goodwill, and they use it for storing toys for children for Christmas and that sort of thing – we are always happy to work with our community.

Gaylord boxes go by several different names such as bulk boxes, bin boxes, pallet boxes and more.

All Size Pallets manufactures custom pallets for industrial use in and around Detroit, Michigan and beyond. All Size Pallets offers pallet recycling services, gaylord boxes, and used pallet reconditioning services at their on-site location in Imlay City, Michigan.

All Size Pallets, LLC 4005 N Van Dyke Rd Imlay City, MI 48444 (810) 721-1999

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