Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Heavy-duty 48” x 45” Pallets in Michigan Priced to Move

48" x 45" wood pallets on sale

All Size Pallets is currently offering special pricing on orders for heavy-duty 48” x 45” shipping pallets. These pallets can hold a lot of weight! They are perfect for shipping in manufacturing or in the automotive industry. All our 48” x 45” wood pallets for sale have 4-way entry for easy maneuverability.

  • 48″ (length) by 45″ (width)
  • 4-way entry
  • Heavy duty pallet can support ~2000lb
  • 6-9 top boards
  • 4-5 runners/stringers

48” x 45” wood pallets are common for the automotive industry, which we are happy to support as a Michigan-based pallet company. A standard wood shipping pallet of this size can support up to 2000 lb of weight. With our reconditioning process, used automotive shipping pallets are repaired to like-new condition.

We are proud to be a zero-landfill company. By purchasing and reconditioning used pallets, we are able to not only help the environment but also help our customers save money. Our like-new 48” x 45” wood pallets have been reconditioned to meet the industry standards of our customers, including ISPM-15 and GMA requirements.

These reconditioned 48” x 45” wood shipping pallets can have anywhere from 6-9 top boards and 4-5 runners/stringers. If you require a specific build of pallet or have any questions about our reconditioning process, please contact our Michigan pallet sales office.

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