Saturday, January 28, 2017

Michigan Made Clean Pallets for Pharmaceutical Shipping

One of the hardest parts about buying wood shipping pallets for the food or pharmaceutical industries is finding a company that can make custom pallets and crates that meet both your needs and your industry’s shipping requirements. Pallets with too much particulate matter, chemically treated pallets, and even pallets that don’t meet ISPM-15 shipping certifications– none of these are safe to use in food or pharmaceutical shipping! And yet this is what many custom wood crate companies can offer.

All Size Pallets is not only dedicated to producing fast, affordable custom wood pallets for Michigan companies, we have invested in our ability to meet the pallet needs of the Michigan pharmaceutical industry and food shipping industry. Along with our two state of the art, expanded-size heat-treatment kilns, which make sure even bulk pallet orders of large or nonstandard size shipping pallets can be heat treated to ISPM-15 international shipping standards, we also use dedusting technology to reduce the amount of wood particulates left on our products.

Our client PTI Engineered Plastics, a Macomb based plastic injection molding company which makes lots of products for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is one of many clients who has benefited from All Size Pallet’s dedusting and pallet heat-treatment facilities. Before working with All Size Pallets, they constantly had to spend their own time and manpower cleaning the wood shipping pallets they received from other pallet companies. The large amount of particulate wood and dust left on these pallets made them unusable for medical and pharmaceutical shipping unless they were properly cleaned.

We were able to work with them to identify the problem and come up with a solution that would save them the trouble of prepping their own pallets. By investing in dedusting equipment at our own facility, we were able to make sure their pharmaceutical pallets and crates were clear of dust and particulate wood matter before arriving at PTI– not after, and especially not after PTI had to invest their own work hours! Instead, each board at All Size Pallets is properly dedusted before it’s even put together to form a pallet.

Unlike the other companies they worked with, who promised to invest in dedusting technology but never followed through, All Size Pallets saw an opportunity to solve a problem not only for PTI but for our other Michigan pharmaceutical and food industry clients. Combined with our heat-treatment kiln, which meets international pallet shipping standards without the use of dangerous chemicals like methyl bromide, and our on-site board cutting facility, which allows us to provide custom pallet manufacturing to our clients’ exact specifications, our dedusting technology is just another way we make sure to provide wood pallet solutions from start to finish.

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