Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What Kinds of Wood are Used by Michigan Pallet Suppliers?

Have you ever wondered what kinds of wood All Size Pallets uses to make our custom shipping pallets? The short answer is: it depends on the needs of the job. Some custom pallet projects do just fine with the more common softwoods like Michigan red and white pine. Others, especially custom shipping crates for Detroit auto industry shipping, need to carry heavy loads with sturdier boards like those made from hardwood oak. The type of wood used to build pallets should be carefully chosen to best meet the project’s requirements.

Of course, many variables go into choosing the right wood for the job! Here are a few of the things All Size Pallets considers when making custom wood shipping pallets for our Michigan clients.

Hardwood Pallets vs. Softwood Pallets

We already briefly touched on the choice between hardwood and softwood above, but it’s an important decision for a pallet manufacturer to make. One benefit of softwood pallets is that they tend to be lighter, meaning they are easier for shipping companies to transport. Softwood species like pine are also abundantly grown in Michigan, which means that wood for them is always available and usually inexpensive. Its wood is also easily heat-treated and kiln-dried, removing the risk of infestation as well as reducing the amount of moisture in the wood. Overall, softwood pallets are great for light shipping, keeping costs down, and as international shipping pallets.

Hardwood, on the other hand, is both heavier and sturdier than softwood. Hardwood pallets can hold considerably more weight than softwood ones because they are made of sturdier materials– like ash or, more commonly, oak wood. Hardwood pallets can easily hold 1,000 lbs of weight and the pallets last for a long time, making them perfect candidates for pallet reconditioning and reuse. Lots of hardwood is produced in the United States for furniture manufacturers to use; usually there’s a good supply, but depending on the furniture demand, hardwood price or quality for use in pallets can fluctuate.

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What Woods Can Be Purchased Locally?

All Size Pallets is dedicated to supporting our local Michigan economy and our local Michigan environment! That’s why we buy our wood from local wood producers. Not only does it let us support Michigan companies in every stage of our pallet manufacturing, it also guarantees that we can monitor the quality of our wood and keep the price of our pallets low and competitive. We mainly purchase high-density Michigan oak for our hardwood pallets and Michigan red and white pine for our softwood.

We also keep costs down by cutting our own boards. After purchasing our pallet hardwood or softwood from a Michigan distributor, we bring the uncut wood to our on-site cutting facility. Because we don’t have to depend on an outside company’s supply to determine the dimensions of our boards or the quantity of boards in stock, we can quickly and affordably produce custom sized wood crates and pallets to customer dimensions. This makes providing custom bulk pallet orders, or custom pallet orders for non-standard sizes, easy and reliable.

Have more questions about the way our custom shipping pallets are made? Contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our pallet making process.

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