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A Grade Reconditioned GMA Pallets for Sale

Looking for a great deal on 40” x 48” A Grade GMA wood shipping pallets? All Size Pallets has reconditioned pallets for sale that meet the standards for both A Grade or #1 and B Grade or #2 GMA wood pallets. These reconditioned pallets are a great and affordable alternative to buying brand new pallets and can save your company money while still ensuring long-lasting shipping pallet life.

Mike GMA Pallet VideoOwner Mike shows the difference between A and B Grade Reconditioned GMA Pallets

A Grade GMA Pallets

Our A Grade reconditioned shipping pallets have been looked over by quality control managers to make sure the boards meet all GMA grade pallet requirements. Each 40” x 48” four-way pallet has three clean runners in good condition with no breaks or extra blocks, though they may have a support plate to strengthen resistance against splits. Their top decks are made of seven boards with a spacing of between 2.5 to 3.5 inches. The bottom decks are similarly made, with five boards. Each of the standard #1 GMA wood pallets has four-way entry.

Reconditioned Grade A pallets are a great value for their quality because often they remain in like-new condition, despite their previous use. Though they may not have the same “new wood look” as a brand new GMA pallet, they’ve required minimal conditioning. Compared to Grade B or #2 GMA pallets, Grade A pallets represent a great compromise between price and remaining pallet lifespan.

  • 7 top deck boards
  • 5 bottom deck boards
  • Top deck board spacing between 2.5” and 3.5”
  • All three stringers with no plugs
  • Standard 4-way entry
  • Occasional stringer repair plate
repaired used wood palletWhy buy reconditioned GMA pallets?

B Grade GMA Pallets

Grade B pallets typically have a lower number of top and bottom deck boards; they are only required to have 6 top deck and 4 bottom deck boards. Because of this, the gaps between deck planks can reach up to 4 inches. Stringers can also have plugs to help support weakening boards, though they can’t be sold if the repairs make stringers more than two boards thick at any point.

Grade B boards, unlike Grade A boards, might also have wear and tear to boards which leaves the wood pallets with chips or partial splits. However, #2 GMA pallets still have life in them, and can be an affordable option for companies. If your company is looking for particularly inexpensive shipping pallet options, we do also sell reconditioned Grade B GMA wood pallets.

  • 6-7 top deck boards, depending on board width
  • 4-5 bottom deck boards
  • Top deck board spacing ranges from 2.5” to 4”
  • All three stringers
  • May have plug repairs on stringers
  • Standard 4-way entry
  • Stringers no more than 2 boards thick at any point
  • Boards may have chips or be partially split
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We are proud to offer these reconditioned pallets as part of our pallet management program. All Size Pallets is a zero-landfill company; once our pallets reach the end of their life, they are turned into landscaping mulch. If you have questions about our pallet recycling program or want to learn more about purchasing reconditioned Grade A GMA pallets, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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