Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pallet Management Program Brings Wooden Pallet Delivery and Waste Removal to Michigan

Two of the most common problems Michigan companies in need of shipping pallets face are purchasing and disposing of them inexpensively. Buying bulk wood shipping pallets can be expensive, especially if you require shipping pallets that are a non-standard size. Disposing of your used pallets requires you to pay for storage for the waste, as well as paying to get it hauled to a landfill or recycling unit. Not only does this cost you more money, it’s detrimental to Michigan’s environment, as well.

That’s why All Size Pallets has developed our pallet management program: to help Michigan companies not only save money on the purchase and discarding of their wood pallets, but to help protect our state’s amazing natural resources.

We help you lower the cost of your pallet purchases by providing inexpensive reconditioned pallets in a wide range of sizes and buying back your used pallets. We lower the cost of waste storage and disposal by providing pallet management program members with a storage trailer and regular pickup. We help the Michigan environment by keeping old pallets out of landfills and letting them reach end of life as gardening mulch.

Saving Michigan Companies Money on Pallets

Our pallet management program helps companies save money on pallets via pallet buy back and reconditioning. We pay our customers to buy back their used wood shipping pallets, helping them earn back some of the cost of purchase. We then put those pallets through quality-controlled reconditioning to return the pallets to like-new status. These reconditioned pallets cost less than brand new pallets and can still perform the same tasks.

All Size Pallets wood pallet recyclingSee how wood pallet recycling is saving Michigan businesses money

We offer reconditioned pallets in a wide range of sizes, including standard 48” x 40” GMA pallets for sale in Grade A and Grade B quality. All our pallets are reviewed by a quality management employee to make sure that our pallets meet the highest level of official and customer approval.

Saving Michigan Companies Money on Pallet Disposal

Pallet management program members save themselves money when it comes to disposing of their used wood pallets, cardboard, and industrial plastics. Not only can they earn money from the buyback process, program participation means they do not have to provide their own waste storage– we will provide a 53’ trailer which they can fill with their waste, no sorting necessary. We take care of pick-up, either regularly scheduled or on-call. At the time of pickup, a new 53’ is brought to replace the old, guaranteeing a smooth transition.

sell your used wood pallets MichiganWondering “where to sell used wood pallets near me”?

Reducing Michigan Companies’ Environmental Impact

When we pick up pallet management program members’ waste trailers, we bring them back to our facility for sorting. Plastics and cardboard is properly sorted and sent to the appropriate recycling facilities, while we keep the bought-back pallets. Many of these used wood pallets will be reconditioned and returned to like-new condition so that our customers may purchase quality wood shipping pallets at a more affordable price.

When boards come to us that have reached the end of their life cycle and can no longer be repaired, they still don’t end up in a landfill. Instead, they are sent to our sister-company Nature’s Choice, which cleans and treats the old wood before turning it into mulch. This mulch is useable in gardens, playgrounds, and on nature trails, giving back to Michigan’s natural beauty and serving the community.

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All Size Pallets is proud to offer its pallet management program to clients. We are proud of the ways we can save our clients money, as well as our zero-landfill promise. If you are interested in finding out more about the pallet management program or our reconditioned pallets, contact us today.

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