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All Size Pallets Stocks Standard Wood Shipping Pallet Sizes for Michigan Businesses

Looking for a standard 48”x40” all-way pallet for your business? All Size Pallets carries a wide selection of standard sized wooden shipping pallets for Michigan companies. We have these standard 48-inch by 40-inch pallets for sale at every stage of the pallet lifecycle, letting your company choose its desired price point.

What is a Standard Size Pallet?

Many industries have their own unique needs for pallet sizing, shape, and quality, which is why we offer custom built pallets. However, in most industries you can also find a standard sized pallet in use. This standard GMA pallet is used in the food industry, the Michigan auto industry, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and more. This pallet is usually 48” by 40” and is a 4-way pallet, meaning a forklift can enter and pick it up from any of its four sides. They usually have 5-7 top boards and three stringers for support.

These standard size pallets can further be broken down into different grades of pallet. The higher the grade of pallet, the newer and in better condition. Standard size pallets can be easily reconditioned after use to a like-new state, meaning they can be reused over and over again. Often, buying a reconditioned pallet that still has a lot of life left in it is a great way to cut down pallet costs– especially when combined with All Size Pallet’s pallet buy-back program!

What are Standard Size GMA Pallet Grades?

The standard pallet grades are a system of classifying reconditioned standard size pallets by making sure they meet certain criteria in terms of their quality. Since standard size pallets are used in many Michigan industries and can have a very long life cycle with proper treatment and care, these grades help to standardize the quality requirements for standard pallets across industry and through its life cycle.

The highest possible pallet grade is a nearly-new Premium Grade A pallet. These pallets barely count as used, and can often retain that “new wood look” that comes with a newly made pallet. These pallets have no repairs and were often only used on the display floor and not for transportation.

A Grade A or #1 GMA pallet is a 48”x40” pallet that has been used a bit more, but is still in really good condition. It might have a few more stains but still has boards that are in tact, not splitting, and has stringers that have not needed a block repair, though a plate support is okay.

reconditioned wood pallets for saleA grade reconditioned wooden pallets for sale

A Grade B or #2 pallet is a standard GMA pallet that has a few more dings and dents. It is still structurally sound, but its stringers may have a block repair and its boards may be chipped or beginning to split. While this grade of standard size pallet doesn’t look pretty, it’s still a sturdy pallet and is often used for international shipping, as long as the wood has been properly heat-treated.

A Grade C or #3 pallet has been repaired multiple times and is reaching the end of its life cycle. It will likely have at least one stinger block or plug repair, and its top and bottom boards might be inconsistent in size, with inconsistent gaps between. They are best used for rough applications that don’t require a lot of load bearing.

GMA Pallets for International Shipping

inside All Size Pallet's wood heat treatment kilnRead about the recent expansion to our certified ISPM 15 heat treated pallet facility

All our standard wood shipping pallets, whether new or reconditioned, can be prepared as international shipping pallets. Our on site heat-treatment facility produces certified ISPM 15 heat treated pallets for companies in Michigan who ship overseas.

All Size Pallets both makes and reconditions standard size 48” x 40” GMA pallets for Michigan companies. If you are looking for a standard size pallet of any grade, new to old, let us help you meet your pallet needs quickly and inexpensively. We also do bulk orders!

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