Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pallet company near Detroit delivers wooden shipping pallets throughout Michigan and beyond.

Detroit businesses are making a comeback in a big way due to hard work and a belief in staying local. We not only subscribe to this belief as customers of local business and employers of local talent, but are also here to support the companies who are pushing for growth. At the root of this effort are our family of staff that strive to provide the best experience for our fellow Michigan owned businesses.

Focusing where other pallet companies don’t – on you

When you contact our pallet company, you will likely speak with one of the owners. Your business means the world to us and we don’t just want to sell you a few pallets, we want to forge a partnership that your company can rely on for expertise and the best wooden shipping pallets available. Our rapid growth over the years is proof of our stewardship towards our customers. We recently improved our facility with triple the capacity of certified ISPM 15 heat treated pallets, to meet the wood pallet demands of Detroit companies. If we don’t stock what you need we don’t try to sell you on something else, we make custom pallets to any specification.

Delivery and Pickup of wood pallets to companies in Michigan and Beyond

We know companies in Michigan value their time and space. Our comprehensive wood pallet delivery and pickup programs are designed to be hassle free while keeping clients’ places of business clear of broken or used wood pallets. Need a place to store used pallets, recyclable cardboard, and industrial plastics for recycling while they accumulate? No problem. We can arrange to leave one of our company trailers and pick it up at your convenience.

Wooden Pallets near Detroit, Flint, and Saginaw

Michigan wood pallet company near me

All Size Pallets is conveniently located to serve the major manufacturing areas in and around Michigan. If your business is looking for a pallet company nearby, get in touch with us. We are happy to meet at your location to discuss your unique needs and arrange delivery to make your pallet purchase a breeze.

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